Cross Country Wedding Cake, Part II

I am extremely relieved to say that it is possible to transport a wedding cake 8 hours by car with only minimal, easy to fix damage.

Thursday night I packed the cake in a cooler with dry ice and zip tied through the cake board to make sure one tier would not slide in to the next–I brought an emergency bag of buttercream, just in case.  (I used that same bag of buttercream as payment to a good friend who assisted me in delivering the cake unharmed to the venue and waiting with me as I decorated with fresh flowers for over an hour.)

The bride had arranged with the florist to leave a bucket of beautiful, fresh flowers near the cake table for me to decorate with.  I wanted to try and match the cake to the arrangements on the table and use a little bit of each of the flowers and greenery that were provided.  I knew the bride wanted pops of raspberry as her decor, and there were only a few sprigs of what looked like pink Lilly of the Valley amongst a whole lot of white flowers.  I used it all.  <—Remember that.

The cake is done, I rush back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  I got undressed and realized I was so frazzled and nervous about delivering an acceptable cake that I had worn my bra backwards ALL DAY LONG.  Clasp in the front, cups in the back.  Ladies, you know that feeling of sudden comfort after removing your bra? at the end of a long day?  Imagine removing a bra you’ve worn backwards all day, INSTANT relief.

I arrived to the wedding venue, this time as a guest, and noticed that there are now raspberry colored roses all over the cake. Which was totally okay…it looked so much better with the contrasting colors.  I strolled over to the cake to snap a picture and the coordinator approached me.  She looked panicked.  Uh-oh.  She said the florist returned after I left because she realized there was Eucalyptus in the bucket she had left for me to decorate with.  If you are clueless as to why this is a problem like I was, Eucalyptus is incredibly toxic.  The florist removed it all from the cake and spruced it up with the roses. Crisis averted.

The wedding went off without a hitch,  the cake was a hit and I will never, ever agree to transport a wedding cake that far again.  Never.


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