Cross Country Wedding Cake

I have always loved baking, and a few years ago I got in to baking wedding cakes.  I am not a professional baker by any means, but I do wear a hair net (ha) and I do my best to give every bride the cake of their dreams.  So when one of my dear friends asked me to make her wedding cake, I said yes.  The only caveat is that the wedding is 8 hours from home–the longest distance I have had to drive a cake by far.

My husband usually accompanies me on my cake deliveries, usually as the driver because I am typically sitting in the hatch of my old Jeep Wrangler making sure the darn things don’t tip over.  I admit, I get a little neurotic with every little bump and urge my husband to go well below the speed limit–he loves that. Really.  I can only imagine his excitement at the thought of traveling over 9 times the distance we have ever gone with one of my fragile confections in tow.

I’m a little nervous but if all goes according to the meticulous plan,  it will go as smooth as buttercream.  I’ll post pictures of the cake next week!

One of my favorite cakes, for one of my favorite brides. 

3 thoughts on “Cross Country Wedding Cake

    1. Thank you! Yes, I made that one last year for another friend’s wedding–it looks difficult but that one was really easy because of all the texture, it’s easier to hide flaws under all those flowers!

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