The Anticipation is Killing Me.

“We own a 200 year old farmhouse in a beautiful small town and we are lucky to call it ours.”
That’s what I have to keep telling myself when the work of owning a 200 year old farmhouse begins to feel overwhelming. The possibilities are exciting and it’s nice to think about the eventualities of this place, but I feel like we have been running a marathon on a treadmill–not a single step closer to that finish line. Actually, it feels like running a marathon, without training, on a broken treadmill.
Our holdup is that to even begin any project inside we have to move the 200 year old stair case. It is nearly 90 degrees vertical, narrow and in my opinion, treacherous.  The picture below doesn’t do it justice.  (I normally won’t post a before without an after, but you need a reference point for these rickety old steps.)

My very own in-home death trap.

To move the staircase though requires drawings and permits and all sorts of time consuming tasks that are way over my head. I can handle making things pretty but we aren’t quite there yet.  Why is it important to move the steps?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just fix them?  If we move the stairs over about 3.5 feet, we have the ability to open up the kitchen to add a nice big island, add a hallway with a coat closet and move the entrance of the bathroom to the new hallway so it is not awkwardly opening in to the kitchen.  It also allows for the addition of a hallway upstairs so that each bedroom has its own bedroom door.  (Currently there are only two doors for 3 bedrooms and you have to walk through a closet, then a bathroom to get to the master bedroom (it’s really weird.))

I got good news from my husband this morning, we officially have a date to start the process! Our first baby step will be taken the first Saturday in June. Mark your’s starting! Until then, I will continue pulling one weed at a time and impatiently waiting for any flower to bloom. Progress is progress, right?  BUT THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME.




4 thoughts on “The Anticipation is Killing Me.

  1. Congratulations on your good news! “It feels like running a marathon, without training, on a broken treadmill.” What a great description — I totally get how it must feel. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the progress!


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