Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Guide


It’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, and if you are anything like me you want to show your appreciation and love to your mom but can never quite think of something special enough.  I think the key here is to come up with an action or gesture to go with whatever gift you choose to buy.  If you are strapped for cash, spending time with your mom or doing something for your mom will be just as appreciated, if not more so than anything you can buy.  Remember that pinch pot or finger painted card you gave her when you were 5? Yeah, she not only still has that but cherishes it. So if nothing else, make your sweet mom a hand made card–even if you aren’t artistic.

Below are a few gift ideas to buy along with a few thoughtful gestures.

1.My mom is who introduced me to essential oils and diffusers.  The diffuser below is a good introduction to essential oils.  If your mama ends up liking these, there’s a whole big world of essential oils to delve in to.  If the diffuser isn’t her style, Himalayan Salt Lamps are beautiful to look at and also offer health benefits.

Woodgrain Essential Oils Diffuser  $29.95

2.These sleek countertop planters are great for a mom who loves to cook.  Basil especially dries out quickly but will stay nice and perky with the planter doing all the watering work. (The pink or grey options are available with prime.) Make sure you go to the store and find a nice herb plant to put in it! Lowes usually has them, or I have found them at a good price at Kroger.  You can step it up a notch with a few items for a delicious Italian dinner–just make sure you do all the cooking and the dishes!

Self Watering Countertop Planter $16.99

3.For the mom who appreciates style, this pink leather Kate Spade watch is feminine and beautiful. The cheese addition to this gift is you could give her the gift of your time.  How many times have you heard your mom say you grow up too fast?  Turn back time and do something you used to do when you were little: go to the zoo, an amusement park, a bike ride.

Pink and Gold Kate Spade watch $169.99

4.Some mamas would prefer to just relax at home with their pooch–for that, these slippers are cute and comfy.  For the dog mama that has to leave her fur baby at home– the item below makes that just a little easier.  I know I would love a Furbo Dog Camera–you can literally pull up live video on your phone of your dog, talk to them AND feed them treats.

You can get $75 off your Furbo here!

5.I know a lot of moms can’t get a minute of alone, so maybe part of your gift to her can be entertaining her little ones so she can enjoy a nice long bubble bath. By long, I mean give that woman more than an hour of quiet time.  Make sure you include a few bath accessories to make this gift more enjoyable :lavender bubble bathdetoxifying epsom salts, Voluspa candle, Luxury bath pillow, and finally a comfortable spa robe.

Bamboo bubble bath tray $42.99



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