Wedding Flowers


Since I just wrote about my garden flowers, I thought I would do a post about my wedding flowers.

I mentioned in my last wedding post that we were on a budget.  Which meant as much as   I would have loved my wedding to be covered in peonies and ranunculus that it was just not going to happen.

However, I did a few things to save money and have beautiful flowers.  The first was I took advantage of the largest florist in the country–how many of you thought of using Kroger?  I can’t take all the credit, my mom and sister suggested it and I thought they were crazy. You have to be choosy about which Kroger you go to, we went to the one in Hyde Park because they have a big floral selection in the store which means their florist is more experienced.

The process could not have been easier.  We walked up, asked for the main flower guy, he asked what flowers I wanted and that was that.  Just because you don’t see bouquets of peonies all over the grocery store does not mean he doesn’t have access to peonies, or pretty much any flower your little bride heart can think of.IMG_5128

I had made a list of flowers I wanted as part of my wedding and the Kroger florist knew which ones would make it through the wedding day and which ones would wilt before we cut the cake.  In addition, he had suggestions for substitutes that would look just as pretty but last longer as well as substitutes for price.  For example, the spider mums in the photo below are super cheap, they are  sturdy, they are big so you only need a few for a small centerpiece and they are pretty.  Yes, peonies are prettier, but in the grand scheme of things, the centerpieces are such a small part of the evening we chose to spend money elsewhere.

For 12 tables, 1 brides bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets and corsages/boutonnieres, our total was around $500. IMG_5228



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