Reconnecting With a Simpler Time


Our house and our yard is a lot of work, and it is going to be a lot of work for as long as we live here.  Since we moved in to our new-to-us old, old farmhouse, we have started taking long drives through the country to relax after a long day.  I whole heartedly believe that if we were to win the lottery, we would not spend it on a life of leisure in a big fancy house, but we would spend it on a life of hard work and turn the winnings in to a Christmas tree farm with as many animals and babies* as we could fit.  In my mind this tree farm doubles as a dog tree with every dog that goes to a good home! Now that is a deal.

Anyway, the point is that we have never been happier than when we get home from our day jobs, work until the sun goes down on our home and then are too tired to turn on the TV.   I don’t remember any special nights that we binge watched Netflix.  I do remember the day we planted our apple trees, and the day we worked together to get the old tractor working, and the day we collected fallen limbs and branches and had a fire, and the day we each built a bird house out of scrap wood–I could go on.  The point is, none of those days ended with a night in front of a screen.  Not a single one.

My husband and I are both conscious of this change and it feels incredible.  I have even considered deleting Facebook–all it is good for these days is looking for cute pictures of dogs anyway.  Let’s be real honest for a second, the girl I sat behind in high school algebra doesn’t care about what I did this weekend as much as I don’t care about what my co-worker’s cousin that I met just once had for dinner last night or how many #gainz you got at the gym.

Nobody cares because those aren’t the things that matter.  In this great big, beautiful world those things truly do not matter.  If you are more of a half glass empty kind of person and would argue the world is an ugly place, I could still argue that those things don’t matter–probably even more so. When it comes to my friends and family, if there is news truly worth sharing, I am not hearing it over any form of social media for the first time.

When we decided to take on this project, we thought we were just buying a house that we would essentially flip over the course of 5 years.  I did not think I would happily give up our nightly TV routine and I certainly didn’t think this would be more than a 5 year commitment.  But now, unless we do win the lottery and can afford the farm of our dreams, I can’t imagine ever leaving this place and all the work that comes with it– I just like the person I am becoming here more and more.   The irony is not lost on me, however,  that this is what I have chosen to blog about for the first time.


*Maybe only 4 babies…but as many dogs and goats and horses as possible.







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