Planning the Garden


Yesterday I hand tilled–I have to add that because it was HARD–a strip of land by the fence and planted poppies, English lavender, creeping cardinal,  hollyhock, delphinium, cone flowers, wind flowers, baboon flowers, cosmos and a few wild flowers for good measure.  I will be so excited if any of it sprouts.  I’m not experienced to know if any of that should not be planted together but I tried to put the tallest plants in the back to grow against the fence so the shorter flowers would still get some sun.

Last week I planted 15 dinner plate dahlia bulbs, 4 peonies, 10 ranunculus bulbs as well as a shade mixture of wild flowers.  Unfortunately, my dog really enjoys napping where I have planted all of those..I shoo her from one spot and she moves and crunches another little seedling.  The peonies are safe because I have them covered with old tomato cages, and they are sprouting!  If you haven’t seen a dinner plate dahlia, take a few minutes and do a quick google search, they are incredible!

We went to a couple flower and vegetable plant sales this weekend.  I didn’t buy anything, including the puppies that were up for adoption–the biggest form of restraint for me.  I admit, if my husband hadn’t been with me I can’t say the outcome would be the same.  I understand the plant sale is income for someone, but I couldn’t help to feel like I could just do it myself.  There were a few plants I liked, but I would rather try growing everything from seed.  Which reminds me, we need to get our garden bed tilled up because the seeds I have started are busting out of their makeshift green house.

It’s so silly but I love getting on amazon and searching for interesting seeds to try.  I like the packets to be less that $3 dollars and free shipping is a must.  I’ll buy a couple at a time and usually forget about them until they show up in the mail.

I hope in a few weeks/months I have to some pretty pictures to share with you!





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