112 Miniature Cakes


I wanted nothing more than to bake my own wedding cake.  My mother pleaded with me not to, so I didnt.  Instead, I decided I would make a cake for every table and fill them full of beautiful sugar flowers.  How awesome would cake center pieces have been?–When that idea was shot down, I settled on making 112 miniature cakes and cake stands for every guest at the wedding.

I started with making the cake pedestals.  I ordered a bunch of wooden spools and wooden discs–it took a while to find the right size.   But I thought 3″ was a good height, and you got a discount here if you bought in bulk.  From the same place I found 3″ rounds.  They come out to less than a dollar a piece by the end of it.  If your wedding budget is a little more substantial than ours was, you can find adorable mini glass cake pedestals and domes at Michaels and Hobby Lobby but they run anywhere from $5-$10 a piece.

I glued the circles to the mini spools, let them dry and spray painted them gold.  Once the spray paint dried I sprayed a clear enamel over them.  I still used a doily between the paint and the cake though just in case.

I made 2 inch diameter brownies, covered them in icing, white chocolate, and finally fondant.  I’d like to say that was the plan all along, but I thought I could dip the brownies in icing and they’d come out perfectly smooth because I did not have time to painstakingly ice 112 mini cakes by hand.  Dipping the icing may work for Pinterest Queens, but it most certainly did not for me.  Neither did dipping in white chocolate. Fondant was the fastest, smoothest option.  On the plus side, the icing/white chocolate brownie combination was delicious.  

I wrote first names only in gold food coloring, stuck a pretty little white flower on top, and the favors were done.

I organized the cakes by table so the wedding venue could easily set up.  They turned out really well and I was happy I was able to contribute some sort of cake for our wedding!




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