Modern Farmhouse Amazon Finds on a Budget


It is not any secret that I shop almost solely from Amazon.  I have found some really cool items on Amazon and I LOVE FREE SHIPPING.

Here are 15 of my favorite (inexpensive..not cheap) Amazon products that I am using to decorate my attempt at a modern farmhouse! If you are interested, just click on any of the pictures.

You can never have too many throws, they just make your home feel so cozy! But they are often more than I am willing to spend on something that isn’t absolutely necessary–that and I often use my throws to cover the ottoman the dog lays on so they get dirty quickly. But this one only looks expensive.



I love this felt board. I need to get better at updating mine but I think any quote from Ron Swanson is hilarious -or- if it is Christmastime anything from Christmas Vacation. You can put these in literally any room (I think each house needs just one though, don’t get crazy with the felt boards!) depending on what you make it say.



I chose these pillowcases because I love the big pattern. But, you can get some really good deals on pillow cases from Amazon. I went through a deer phase and you can literally find pillow cases for under 5 dollars. I get the really cheap inserts from IKEA–as long as you put two in one pillowcase to make them super fluffy.



I like these candle sticks because they’re a mix of the traditional brass, and a funky modern shape.



This one probably isn’t for everyone, but since I can’t have a cow on 1.5 acres, I can at least display one in my home. I like how vivid the colors are in this one in particular.




Air plants don’t scream farm house to me, but that is why I enjoy having them in my home. They are really neat, super easy to take care of, and it doesn’t look like we are trying too hard with the farmhouse theme. I want to decorate my house with things I like, not things that fit a specific theme.



I usually don’t like galvanized metal, similar to my reasoning in #6, I think it just makes the house look too themey. I’m not going to fill my house with something I don’t like just because it fits. But I thought this little envelope was pretty cute. I didn’t want a big clunky thing to hang by the door, but I also didn’t want the mail accumulating on the kitchen table for days weeks. This little envelope is the perfect place to check each day. If I could find a white clay or ceramic envelope I would take that over the galvanized any day!



This is storm glass. The glass shape is filled with liquid and super fine crystals (maybe they’re crystals?) and they move and create shapes with the changing weather. I like the glass and raw wood look. These also make really interesting gifts–I bought one as a gift when I found it, but really wanted to keep it for my own mantel!



This is a neat take on an hour glass. Again, I like the mix between metal and glass. This looks really neat with the storm glass above. If I could afford an actual antique I would definitely go that route, but I haven’t seen one and I am pretty sure that would be expensive!



I like this bear because it is not a cutesy cartoon bear. Now we just need to learn bee keeping to keep this jar full!



I don’t have this chair..yet. If anyone gets it let me know if it is as comfortable as butterfly chairs were when we were kids!  At $234, it is by far the most expensive item on my list, but for a nice leather chair that is actually not a bad price–plus free shipping! I love that it is leather but the chair doesn’t look clunky.



I like the mixed wood and metal, but also the simplicity of this book shelf. The items on the shelves are the star, not the shelves themselves.



I love using these kitchen towels as napkins because they are big, soft and extremely inexpensive. They come in a 12 pack for $14 which is usually cheaper than any 4 packs of cute cloth napkins I have seen. I don’t freak out if they get stained because they’re easy to replace. When my dining room table isn’t covered in starting seeds, I really like having the table set pretty and setting these out with a full cake plate makes my wanna-be-farmgirl heart happy.



If I can, I prefer real antiques. Antique or vintage laundry baskets are usually pretty expensive and I wouldnt want to use it for laundry then. This is a cool alternative.  This could be used for laundry, to hold my excessive throw blanket collection or maybe in the bathroom?



I never realized how dated and frumpy fireplace accessories had gotten until I had to shop for them. It took forever to find something I liked. I like the modern shape of this one. If you need fireplace tools though, you really can’t beat antiques–they were made to last and look really neat too. Another plus side of antique fireplace tools is they are usually not going to break the bank, I have 2 sets now and they were each $25 or less.

Thanks for looking and happy shopping!



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