Composting Basics For Healthy Soil


Back when our house was built in the early 1800’s, it was the center of most likely hundreds of acres of farmland.   Slowly, over the coming decades, those acres were sold off to develop the neighborhoods that now surround us.  That left less than 2 acres for this little brick farmhouse to look over.

I would love nothing more than to have a fully functioning farm, but in this location I have to settle for a large garden and a small chicken coop.

To get started, we’ve decided we should start composting–which is a lot easier than I once thought. There is really only 1 rule to follow and a few things you can try to improve your compost pile.

Rule #1: Only add things that were once living.
*adding meats, fish, oils are all okay to add but will almost definitely create an unpleasant odor and in turn attract unwanted critters.
*Dont forget that paper products were once living too!
*Don’t let your pile get too dry, be sure to keep turning it.

This simple countertop compost container makes it so nice and easy to capture even small amounts of scraps and it is cute enough to sit out all the time.

We have this cute white enamel one for our counter top.

While the countertop version is cute, it won’t serve a huge garden well.  It is just meant to feed the big one so scraps inside don’t go to waste.  We ended up building our main compost bin out of untreated cedar trim we pulled off the walls in the back room–a good use of the wood we needed to find a space for!


Now, we just wait for the worms to do their thing.



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